Battery Isolator & Switches

►  Battery isolator with removable key and splashproof cover. Rated 250 amps at 24 volts and 2500 amps for 5 seconds. M10 studs and requires 24mm hole.

Replacement key for above

►  Batter isolator, 12 volt, double pole, integral mechanical switch and remote electrical switch with 3 second emergency cut-off delay. Rated 250 amps continuous and 2,500 amps for 5 seconds. Meets ADR1999 regulations and complies with the requirements of Institute of Petroleum. Protected to IP65. Replaces SSB100/101/102.

24 volt version pf above

Additional emergency switch with integral LED indicator.

►  Emergency push button battery isolator. Turn button 1800to switch on, push to disconnect. Rated 250 amps at 24 volts and 2500 amps for 5 seconds. M10 studs and requires 66mm hole.

►   Marine battery isolator with fixed control knob with padlock home. Rated at 600 amps continuous (1hr) and 2500 amps for 5 seconds, max 48 volts dc. M12 studs. I 102*w90w*h 102mm. CE approved.

Exhaust Systems & Fittings

►  Mounting Hardware
Standard fitting is via slotted ID ends spark arrestors are supplied with saddle clamps (up to 5") We recommend a firm support where practical.

Our Universal Band Clamps fit tightly around the spark arrester body and have various mounting points.

UBC90(dia 90), UBC 125(dia 125), UBC 150(dia 150), UBC 200(dia 200), UBC 230(dia 230), UBC 300(dia 300), UBC 360(dia 360).

All spark arrestors are supplied with the appropriate fixing clamp. Other clamps are available

Also available: Raincaps 90 degree elbow bends Flexible joints Pipe and pipework

15° ELBOW Aluminium Hose Joiner

45° ELBOW Aluminium Hose Joiner

135° ELBOW Aluminium Hose Joiner

180° ELBOW Aluminium Hose Joiner

Reducing Diameter Hose Joiner / Connector

100mm LONG Hose Joiner/connector

300mm LONG Hose Joiner/connector

1M LONG section Aluminium Pipe

60° ELBOW Aluminium Hose Joiner

90° ELBOW Aluminium Hose Joiner

Aluminium Hose Joiner T-Piece connectors 8 sizes(some new)

Hose Joiner with thread M10*1.25 for sensor

Aluminium Weld-On Boses MALE

Aluminium Hose Blanking Plugs

Aluminium Weld-On Bosses, Take Offs(barbed)

Aluminium Weld-On Boses FEMALE

Barbed Hose Connectors straight and reducing Connectors

Barbed Hose Connectors Tees


Rubber Hoses & V Belt

Our Silicon Hoses meets the demands of all industries;

  • Automotive
  • Marine
  • Oil & Gas
  • Power Generation
  • Construction


This accordion folding strip system allows you to partition off part of the working area. It can be installed in a day. The system opens almost entirely, unlike a standard CEPRO system, which requires a double rail system, two strips which overlap each other and can only be half opened. When the accordion folding strip system is closed, the strips overlap each other and fold to one side of the opening. When the system opens, the strips turn 90 degrees in pairs. At the same time, the whole system slides to one side of the opening. The complete set of strips requires a minimum amount of space so that full use can be made of the opening.

  • Minimum amount of space
  • Easy to operate
  • Flexible in dividing the workspace

►  shear stud :

CD Process

  1. The CD Process The capacitors are chnaged. the stud pip is placed contact with the work sheet.
  2. Upon triggering, the stored enegry is discharged as a high current pulse melting the pip and producing an arc,
  3. Return spring pressure forces the stud into the molten surface area to give complete fusion across the flange.
  4. The Stud is welded in place. No back-marketing or burn disoloration.

Parent Material
For CD the sheet can be as thin as 0.7mm. Mlid Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminium alloy and Lead free Brass. Sheet surfaces should be clean flat. Stud weld end must have precise pip and cone

  • CD controllers are lightweight and hand portable.
  • Lower cost than Short cycle and Drawb Arc
  • Single phase 230/110 volt 50H

  • Low stud costs
  • Low cost equipment
  • The fast process
  • Ideal for production systems from simple bench mounted to high speed automatic CNC
  • Easy to jig
  • No ferrules
  • No Shrouding ga-clean welds
  • No finishin

The Drawn Arc (DA) Process
  1. Current and weld time is pre-set to suit the diameter to be welded.
  2. The stud is then placed on the plate.
  3. Upon triggering a pilot arc occurs as the stud lifts to a pre-set height.
  4. Return spring pressure forces thestud into the molten pool.
  5. The ferrule contains the molten metal and shapes the fillet