Heavy Duty Strapping Tools

►  Helios H-45L Li-ion battery powered strapping tool is a high-performance strapping tool for PET and PP strapping.

►  Pneumatic Operated Strapping Tool is a very efficient tool for quick and hassle free strapping for PP & Pet Straps. It uses air pressure to strap products and ensures a neat strapping.

►  Pneumatic Strapping Tool for strapping steel width 32mm and seals . Widely applicable for Aluminum, Steel Bars, Pallets, Fiber fabrication, Metal products, etc.

►  Pneumatic pusher type strapping tool that produces a single notch seal joint. Use with closed seal. Ideal for flat or round surfaces.

Manual Combination Strapping Tools

►  The Sealless combination series tools are the latest in innovation specifically designed for use with high tensile steel strapping

Manual Strapping Tools

►  Wide Range of Hand strapping tools for PP, PET and Composite straps. Heavy duty Manual steel strapping tools and cutters.

►  A mobile dispenser for Steel & Plastic strapping. This trolley is ideal for moving around a factory and includes a handy tray to hold seals and tools.

►  Consumables for steel , Plastic and Wrapping purpose.

Semi and Automatic Strapping Machine

►  Innovative Design. It use direct drive technology with German-Made DC motors which ensures high reliability and durability of the machine. Its suitable for wide range of general applications.

Pallet Wrapping Machine

►  Machine stretch films used for conventional automatic fast wrapping and semi-automatic pallet wrapping. Stretch film Machine provides high clarity for effective inspection of goods, resists puncture with its multi-layer structure, and tights the load’s stability for high-security storage during transit.

Steel Strapping Products

CAMSTAR Steel strapping is available in a wide range of size and gauges to accommodate your strapping requirements. Our edge conditioned strapping ensures a safe, rounded edge hat is problem-free during application.

►  Coil Winding :

Oscillated the steel strapping is wound in a tight uniform pattern to a coil width between 63.5mm(2½”) to 66.4mm (2¾”) Ribbon the steel strapping is wound onto itself so that the width of the coil is the same as the strap.

►  Finishes :

All Steel Strapping finishes are treated with black painted and wax coating.

►  Strap Range :

Plastic Strapping Products

►  Plastic straps is a innovative straps which have a strong point and a week point.

►  Product Features :

Shock resistant, weather resistant, heat resistant & environmentally friendly.

►  Efficient :

Increases productivity, Safe, Damage resistant, Reduced packing cost & easy to store.