Stud Welding Draw Arc Controller

The 2000E and 2700E DA controllers are powerful drawn arc stud welding systems designed and manufactured by Taylor Studwelding. These Drawn Arc stud welding controllers are efficient and robust, coming with brake-fitted wheels for easy manoeuvrability and the capacity for welding in different locations depending on your requirements. They are an ideal choice for fastening larger diameter mild steel and stainless-steel studs to sheet metals.

As with all Taylor Studwelding products, these drawn arc stud welding systems have undergone a variety of tests for durability, efficiency, and quality control, including soak tests on every component. We have developed these DA controllers to provide superior stud welding results and they are CE marked in line with European health and safety legislation. The 2000E can weld up to 4 studs per minute (studs up to 22mm in size); if you are looking for a more powerful option, the 2700E can weld up to 4 studs per minute (on studs up to 25mm in size). Both machines can achieve higher work rates with smaller diameter studs.